A logo is an essential piece of your business branding and personality. A good logo tells your customer more than just your business name; it can tell a little about what you do, and how you do it too!

There are many ways to create a logo for your business. Some create their own using whatever design software they have access to. Others use a web-based logo builder or ask for bids from an online source. While you can get lucky and hit upon something good, I usually find that a good logo requires a little more thought and development.

For example, here are some questions my clients and I go over during a logo design process:

  • Who are you trying to appeal to?
  • What are you trying to say about your business?
  • What do you competitors’ logos look like and do you want to differentiate yourself from them?
  • How can you capture what you do in a simple graphic?
  • What fonts would help you get your vibe across?
  • What colors would be appropriate for your industry and shows off your personality?
  • How will you be using the logo later on? Would a horizontal or vertical layout work better? Do you need both versions? 

Initial options and revisions

After the initial brainstorm, the fun begins! In this phase, I create (and discard) many ideas based on our conversations, research, and any reference material. I usually start with designs in black and white so we can focus purely on the composition of the logo. You select your favorite ideas, and we revise and refine the designs from there. Usually we can settle on a final logo in 5 or 6 rounds of revisions.

Adding the colors

Once we have settled on a general logo layout, we can start playing with colors. Once again, I look at your industry, your business personality and your personal preferences while choosing colors. I want your logo to be relevant, modern and something you’re proud to show off!

Final logo files

When the new logo is finished and you’re happy with the design, I tidy up the files and export all the versions you are ever going to need. I create all my designs in Adobe Illustrator, meaning the logos are vector files that can be scaled as large as you need. I’ll give you the vector files along with the JPGs and PNGs (with transparent backgrounds, of course) that you will be able to use on your own website, presentations, etc. I will also give you a brand guideline sheet which lists which fonts and colors are in the logo, so you can use those in your own marketing materials.

This whole process usually takes a few weeks from start to finish. I am thorough in exploring design options and colors to make sure that you have a chance to consider various different approaches and choose the best option for you. Curious to learn more? Contact me, and let’s have a chat!